As early as I can remember, I've loved building and creating things. Even at 7 years old, I was carrying a briefcase and pretending I built a company on Wall Street.

I'm Joshua Sortino, a design director, startup advisor, investor, and photographer, currently living in Miami and New York. I have been building websites, products, and businesses since 2001. As a design leader, I've worked for companies and startups such as the NFL, NBA, Aol, Pfizer, Disqus Spring, Square, and Brex. These days, I am focused on Fintech and Blockchain user experiences.

You can read my opinions regarding design and tech via Twitter and my blog. I'm available for advisory roles, speaking engagements, and brand promotion opportunities. For availability, email me.

Approach & Philosophy

I empower design teams by creating safe and constructive design cultures, while also offering space for the designer's autonomy over business and experience decisions.

I help companies solve problems by using design sprints and user-first methodologies that lead to identifying opportunities, tactical plans, and product roadmaps. By having an engineering and design background, my expertise covers the full spectrum of product development, from ideation through the engineering process.