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Design Manager · 2014 – 2016

Teespring lifestyle photography

Building and leading the Teespring design team

I worked with the Creative Director to grow the design team from one product designer to five. By the end of my tenure, I was responsible for leading 15 product, brand, and graphic designers. When needed, I also contributed design deliverables. All work below was created in collaboration with the team.

The redesigned homepage

To help create a new online presence, I introduced communication channels and processes that aided collaboration with the marketing and business teams. During the homepage redesign process, I defined commerce UX strategies for the team to execute. (Special credit to product designer Pedro Carmo for leading design of the homepage.)

Teespring Homepage Design

Search is king

Because Teespring caters to many different audiences, ranging from firefighters to soccer moms, Teespring required a navigation system that wouldn’t discriminate. Search allowed anyone to browse their relative interests.

Always-relevant products

Since many niches on Teespring won’t appeal to everyone, we rank the homepage based on relevance. Merchandise that can relate to most people (such as holiday, political, etc) is granted prominence on the homepage.

Quick Categories

As the user descends the page, more specific niche content is presented. Quick search buttons help users browse the most popular categories.

Relatable Testimonies

Research has proven that testimonials are one of the best (if not the absolute best) ways to convert shoppers to customers before buying a product.

Joshua is the real deal — he articulates a clear point of view, incorporates the bigger business objectives, and gets his hands dirty to hit deadlines. It's hard to find a design manager who balances the ideal and pragmatic as smoothly and thoughtfully. If you get a chance to work with him, definitely take it.

Ya-Bing Chu, VP of Product at Teespring

Building the photo studio

Because Teespring frequently introduces new products, a photo studio was needed to quickly photograph merchandise. I helped build the studio and created a process for photographing products with models.

Teespring photo studio
Photographing Teespring shirts with green screen techniques

Photography techniques

To allow graphics to be designed with any possible shirt color, I worked with the design and engineering teams to create a process for photographing and masking products using "green screen" techniques typically used in video productions.

Designing powerful creation tools & dashboard features

The Teespring seller community is a mixture of casual users offering several products to power users profiting millions from their sales. Building an adaptable interface which catered to both groups helped users learn and grow on the platform over time. As Design Manager, I led the redesign of the seller dashboard and oversaw the team's direction while designing numerous features.

Teespring designer redesign

Teespring design tool v2

Teespring designer v1

Teespring design tool v1

Teespring dashboard campaigns

Dashboard campaigns

Teespring dashboard automation

Dashboard automation

Teespring dashboard analytics

Dashboard analytics

(Designed by Pedro Carmo)
Teespring dashboard promotions

Dashboard promotions

Teespring dashboard user settings

Dashboard user settings

Teespring dashboard template configurations

Dashboard template configurations